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Tarrant Regional Water District Corruption

There is blatant corruption at the Tarrant Regional Water District...

and we’ve only scratched the surface!

No wonder our water rates have increased 64% in the last 10 years!1


1The Helicopter, Deer Lease, Restaurant, & Lake House

The TRWD has used tax payer dollars to purchase a luxury helicopter with a full time pilot2 as well as a restaurant3. They also obtained a deer lease* which is only available to employees of the TRWD and the elected directors. Not to mention a 4th of July boat party! No wonder our water rates increase when this type of obvious waste is occurring on a regular basis.

4th of July Boat Party & Lake House

4th of July Boat Party & Taxpayer Funded Lake House


1Blatant Disregard of Transparency Requirements: Grand Jury Investigation

The TRWD has refused to comply with freedom of information laws when it comes to fulfilling open records request, even requests from one TRWD board member. That member has had to sue4 the District to receive public documents that should have been handed over, but have been hidden from public view. The TRWD also refused to follow the Texas Open Meetings Act. They have been sued over this violation as well.5


1Unnecessary and Shady Projects

The TRWD has authorized the building of a pipeline, the IPL, which provides water from Lake Palestine to the City of Dallas. Why is the TRWD doing Dallas’ dirty work for them? Some suggest it’s just another way the district can compensate it’s #1 contractor, Frees & Nichols, to whom the TRWD has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in rumored no-bid contracts.6


1Friends With Benefits

Carl Bell was facing great financial difficulty. So his good friend, Jim Lane (elected director of TRWD), arranged for the TRWD to purchase some environmentally poisoned land from Mr. Bell appraised at $9,010,000 for the price of $18,000,0007 so that the TRWD could turn it into an outdoor movie theater. Incumbents at the TRWD receive the bulk of their campaign contributions from contractors to whom the TRWD awards lucrative contracts.

Land Deal

See the full appraisal here


1Canceling Their Own Elections

In order to avoid being held accountable by the voters directors have extended their own elected terms TWICE (2012 and 2014), which has been found illegal by a federal court. They are still attempting to remove voters rights by appointing themselves to fill additional terms instead of holding constitutionally mandated elections.


Who Is Responsible
For This Corruption?

Marty Leonard - Secretary
Jim Lane - Secretary Pro-Tem
Secretary Pro-Tem

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[1] Increased 64% in the last 10 years, 94% since 1990. Rates obtained through FOIA
[2,3] (2008 and 2009 annual report) (board meeting minutes 3/18/2009)
[4,5] Fort Worth Business Press, June 25, 2013
[6] Breitbar Texas, May 7, 2013
[7] Audio Recording of Jim Lane
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